Big A Camp Out

12132622_10205306547885764_4468105479902492697_oMEMBERS OF MCN AND MIGHTY NARANJA NATION:

Here is the rough draft of things that we will be enjoying while we are on the field at the Big A Stadium!!

There will be a DJ, playing great music, hula hoop contests and other games on the field, baseball players working with the boys, a bounce house for the girls to enjoy, night lite Frisbee golf led by our very own Chief Free Spirit. Additionally we should be able to tour and visit the visitor locker room. The stadium will also open up an indoor batting cage for us.

Saturday night dinner will be served followed by a Sunday morning breakfast. No camp out would be complete without the Mighty Corona and Naranja Nations serving of ice cream or snow cones.

To top it off, we will be serving popcorn while we watch a movie under the stars on the big screen.

Here is a sample timeline for the event: (it may change, or it may not!)

1:30 Arrival and set up your campsite on the field with your tribe.
2:30-5:30 Free time to enjoy all the above mentioned activities.
5:30-7:30 Dinner and dessert served and more play time on the lit up field
8:00-10:00 Popcorn and Movie
10:00-11:00 Wind down, play cards, tribal time
11:00 Lights Out
11:00-?? Dad’s play cards, talk under the stars, etc….

SUNDAY: Wake up at your Leisure!!
7:30 Coffee and Juice served
8:00-9:00 Breakfast served
8:00-11:00 More Play time for the kids and clean up, pack up and head back for Squaw reunification

This event will be open to registered MCN and Naranja Nation Members, their friends and family.