Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton Pow Wow:
September 8-10, 2017
Del Mar Beach, Camp Pendleton

 The one that starts us off

Every year, the Mighty Corona Nation migrates south to the beaches of Oceanside, or more directly the Beaches of the Great Camp Pendleton Marine Base.  All of the tribes huddle together on one big beach, side by side, and enjoy the sun, surf, campfires, and other activities the nation has planned.


Typically the weekend starts out on a Friday afternoon, with people arriving from their home teepees sometime after noon.  Each individual tribe has it’s own area, and place to hangout.  The tents of the members of each tribe are setup within their area.


Once tents are set up, the fun begins.  Friday’s are mostly free time or tribe time.  There are no nation events planned, unless the nation has put together a special dinner which is optional for the tribes.  If a tribe chooses not to partake in the meal offered by the nation, they usually cook something themselves, or use a catering company, or hire someone to come cook for them.


The rest of the evening is at leisure, usually hanging out by the campfire, making s’mores, or telling stories.

Saturday morning brings Breakfast which is usually provided by the nation, and the first nation events.  Some fathers and sons will sneak off for a quick swim or surf prior to any of the numerous activities of the day.


Usually there is a Soccer tournament that begins mid morning on the beach, at the same time there may be a Sand Castle building clinic or contest, and yet others may be busy working on the obstacle course which will be run later in the day.


Each tribe takes care of their own lunch, and after lunch usually head to the obstacle course or over to the Armored vehicles that are brought over by the motor pool.  With the vehicles come a group of Marines who will mingle among the Fathers and Sons, as well as participate in the obstacle course.


The Marines will first run the boys through some vigorous warmups, doing calisthenics, runs, and other exercises the marines are famous for.  The boys are then herded over to the obstacle course like regular recruits, and marshaled through the course by energetic marines shouting words of encouragement.


Upon completion of the obstacle course, the boys usually receive a token marking their success.

Afterwards, more time is spent either at the Armored Vehicles, or playing with friends around camp.

Later in the afternoon, before dinner, there is a New Chief Ceremony, where all of the new chiefs of all the tribes compete against each other in a contest that is more for the boys amusement than for the chiefs glory.


After the Chief Ceremony, the nation gets together for a nation photo


which is followed shortly thereafter by dinner and then the evenings ceremonies where new braves are initiated into the nation.


After the ceremonies, tribes return to the warmth of their tribes campfires, break out more s’mores, and tell more stories.


Sunday morning, everything is packed up, and the nation departs Camp Pendleton for home.