How to Join

The Mighty Corona Nation welcomes new members, either as individuals or whole tribes.

Whether or not you have been invited into a tribe, or are just looking for a group of people who share you and your son(s) common interests, you are welcome to join The Mighty Corona Nation.

We WILL find a place for you. The first thing we’ll do is try and fit you in to the appropriate tribe. Most of our tribes are built around families that share a common thread. That can be your neighborhood, area of town, school, church, or just a group of friends.

Use the contact page ( to send us an e-mail or leave a voicemail providing us with the following information and we’ll make some suggestions as to which tribes you might find are the best fit.

1. What neighborhood do you live in.
2. What elementary school does your son or sons attend?
3. What church do you attend?
4. Who referred you?
5. What tribe do you think you want to be in?

You can see a list of our tribes here :

If you see one you think might fit, please let us know.

Gather all of this info, and shoot us an e-mail at

After you’ve selected a tribe, return to the website, and go to the “Make a Payment” link and pay for your annual dues. That’s it!