Tribes of the Mighty Corona Nation

Apache – The Mighty Apache are steeped in tradition and pride. The Apache tribe is truly about our boys, as we enjoy spending quality time with our sons, and believe in setting positive examples for them to live by, in order to create lifetime experiences. We hold both Nation and Tribe events so that members can choose their activities. We have Fathers and Sons from The Port Streets, Bonita Canyon, Newport Coast, CDM and Newport Beach. We are open to all good Fathers and Sons that wish to join in the Kinder to 4th grades


Blackfoot – The Blackfoot tribe were formed by fathers with sons who attend The Pegasus School. They are actively recruiting additional Pegasus boys in Kindergarten through 4th grade to join this new tribe. Although the tribe is new for the 2015-2016 year, it already has a strong following of Pegasus fathers who also have daughters in the Naranja Nation’s Chickasaw Tribe. The Longhouse and Shadow council have big expectations for this energetic group of Fathers and Sons.


Comanche – The Comanche were formed in 2013 by a group of dads from the Little Feet Indian Princess tribe who wanted to create a new tribe for their sons with Little Feet’s core values. These values (respect, leadership with responsibility, helping others, and an emphasis on Dad/son camaraderie) have caused the Comanche tribe to rapidly grow to become one of the largest and most successful tribes in the Nation. Most members are from Harbor View Elementary School in Corona del Mar, but the tribe has members from Lincoln School, Newport Coast School, and other area schools. The tribe has a good distribution of boys in grades K through 4th. If you live near Corona del Mar, this is one of the tribes to contact.


Mohawks – The Mighty Mohawks are one of the oldest and most revered tribes in the Corona Nation.  Rich in tradition, we are a proud tribe that has always been heavily involved in the nation.  We have for many moons been in charge of the Obstacle Course, put together each year at Camp Pendleton, arguably the best event of the year!  The Mohawks have long been based in the Port Streets, with most of our braves attending Andersen Elementary.  We do have braves and warriors from both Newport Coast and Corona Del Mar as well.  We pull primarily from within the tribe on a referral basis as we try to limit our size in order to maintain close relationships and keep our tradition strong.  Our young braves range from Kinder to 4th grade before becoming warriors.


Mohicans – The Mighty Mohicans are made up primarily of boys that attend TVT (Tarbut V’Torah) and/or are members of SHM.  We are actively recruiting boys from Kindergarten through the 5th grade.


Long Poles – The Long Poles are proud to represent Newport Coast fathers and sons. We are a new tribe for the 2015-2016 season and are actively recruiting new families. If you live in the Newport Coast area, or your son goes to Newport Coast Elementary we would love to have you join us. We are hard workers and looking forward to quality Dad and Son time in the adventures ahead. Many of our Dads also have Daughters in the Sun Princess tribe for the Naranja Nation.

Long Poles Logo

Seminole – The Seminole tribe is another new tribe for the 2015-2016 season, and are actively recruiting new families.


Sioux – The SIOUX are primarily a Harbor Day School tribe.  They actively recruit new families, and welcome not only Harbor Day families, but other families who share the same interests.  We are a solid tribe made up of Kindergarten thru 4th graders, and welcome all fathers and sons in Kinder through 4th grade.


Tetons – The Tetons are made up of fathers and sons from the Port Streets, Our Lady Queen of Angels (OLQA) and Harbor Day School.  We are accepting new members but try to limit our size to maintain the quality of our program.  We are currently accepting Kinder through 3rd grade initiates.

Zuni – The Zuni Tribe is made up of fathers and sons primarily from the Port Streets, Anderson and Lincoln schools. We are actively recruiting and welcome kids in Kinder through 4th grade, from any area. We not only take part in the Indian Nation traditions and vast activities, but also enjoy Zuni activities that strengthen our bond as a tribe.


If you don’t see a tribe that fits your needs, please contact us, we are always looking to build new tribes if there is enough demand.